Volkswagen increasing used commercial vehicle offerings

Due to the economic climate, fewer people now have the money to invest in a new commercial vehicle as often as they would like, which means that they are now looking for good-quality second hand vehicles instead. However, at the same time most people are holding onto their commercial vehicles for longer periods of time, leading to a demand for second hand vehicles that is difficult for most dealerships to meet.

This is why Volkswagen has teamed up with the online remarketing provider Autorola in order to increase their offerings to their customers. Using Autorola, Volkswagen will now display all their second-hand commercial vehicles online irrespective of which dealership they are at so that customers across the country have more choice when it comes to buying a second hand vehicle.

Discussing the new plan, used vehicle and rental manager for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Roger Hawes, said: “On average each of our Van Centres has around 25 used vehicles on its forecourt at any one time, and by loading them onto the Autorola online sales platform there will be total stock visibility so we should see more sales between our Van Centres, and additional stock available to offer customers.

“Greater stock mobility will lead to more sales, and our Van Centres have already reacted very positively to this initiative.” Meanwhile, Autorola UK’s sale director Jon Mitchell said: “Used Volkswagen vans have a strong following and this agreement opens up dealer stock to every single registered trader on our network who buys from us on a regular basis and provides Volkswagen Van Centres with an additional source of used vehicles.”

Through this new marketing technique Volkswagen will now be able to advertise their second hand commercial vehicles both on their forecourts and online, meaning that customers will be able to find the right vehicle for them. Volkswagen are a popular brand when it comes to used commercial vehicles, especially due to their ‘Assured Used’ programme which only sells vehicles that are up to five years old or have one hundred thousand miles on the clock.

Not only does this help when looking for insurance for vans, but also assures customers that even though their new purchase is second hand that it is reliable and will run for a good number of years – something that is extremely important for those looking to save money on their commercial vehicles.

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