Volkswagen Benefiting from Record Breaking Sales

Even though the commercial vehicle market has been going through a slump over the past few years, manufacturing giant Volkswagen are still reporting success and a high number of sales for some of their most popular models. According to recent reports, the company sold a record breaking amount of commercial vehicles during the month of September 2013 with 5,276 new vehicles registered. This means that sales were up ten per cent compared to September 2012, and the company achieved its highest ever sales figures for the first nine months of a year.

Discussing the company’s success, director of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Alex Smith, said: “These figures prove once again that Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is enjoying its most successful year to date. As our order books suggest, demand has never been higher, with an increasing number of customers discovering why Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles make such a sound investment. We’re delighted that so many customers are choosing Volkswagen and recognising not only the high quality of our products, but also our service support, strong dedicated network and cast iron residual values.”

Two of the best-selling Volkswagen commercial vehicles include the Transporter and the Caddy, which sold 2,302 and 1,825 units respectively during September, and have both been popular models in the commercial vehicle sector for a number of years. The popularity of Volkswagen’s models may be one of the reason they have experienced such success this year, however it could also be down to their after sales packages. For example, customers who purchase either the Caddy or the Transporter before the end of this year are eligible to purchase a service package which could save them up to £350 per year.

As commercial vehicles are usually essential for many tradesmen to carry out their day to day work, most owners have to regularly pay for services as well as MOTs and specialised van insurance policies. The fact that Volkswagen is offering their customers the opportunity to save some money on these expenses could be one of the main reasons why their sales have been so high during this year. Kevin Rendell, head of parts & service at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, said: “This service package really gives a customer peace-of-mind and will significantly help to optimise a van’s residual values. The offer means new owners will benefit from the reassurance of having a well maintained vehicle that’s been serviced by Volkswagen trained technicians using genuine replacement parts.”

As long as customers take advantage of Volkswagen’s offer when they first buy a new Transporter or Caddy they will be able to save £350 or £285 respectively. Furthermore, they will receive two interim services, two MOTs and two full services, meaning that they will practically be getting four services for the price of two. For many, this could be the deciding factor for when they choose to invest in a new commercial vehicle, especially for businesses that often spend thousands of pounds per year ensuring that their commercial vehicle fleet is fit to be on the road. Furthermore, as the new vehicles will be serviced on a frequent basis, it means that they have a better chance of staying in prime condition for a considerable period of time, providing value for money.

As the company is able to continually report their impressive successes, as well as attract customers even during a time where many are struggling to afford new vehicles, it is no surprise they are already planning to expand in the near future. It has recently been announced that they have decided to appoint a new PR company in order to help them expand their offerings and attract even further customers, which means that we will probably soon see a number of new adverts intended to entice people to invest in a Volkswagen commercial vehicle.

By understanding their customers’ needs and building up their reputation as a manufacturer of good quality vehicles, Volkswagen has been able to go from strength to strength and have succeeded where many others have failed. Right now, they are second biggest brand in the UK for commercial vehicles, however it looks as though they are trying to take the top spot before the year is out. We look forward to seeing what new strategies the company will implement in order to entice further customers in the future, but for now this is definitely one commercial vehicle manufacturer to watch.

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