Volkswagen announces record Commercial Vehicle sales

2012 was a mixed year for commercial vehicle manufacturers due to the fact that some months sales increased dramatically, whilst in others they dropped just as fast. Overall, there was a decline in demand from Western European countries for new commercial vehicles due to the poor economy and reluctance from companies and fleet managers to invest in new vehicles. However, Volkswagen has now reported that even though last year may have been difficult, the company has achieved record sales of their city delivery vans, transporters and pickups.

Volkswagen’s figures show that their global deliveries of commercial vehicles increased by 4.1 per cent in 2012 from 528,900 to 550,370. CEO of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Dr Eckhard Scholz was pleased with the company’s performance, and said: “This is more than satisfactory performance considering the debt crisis in Western Europe, which has also impacted light commercial vehicle sales over the past year.” Even though the overall sales of Volkswagen commercial vehicles was good, the company still saw a decrease in the amount of deliveries to Western European countries with an eleven per cent drop in sales.

However, the success of Volkswagen in other regions made up for the loss, such as in South America, Eastern Europe and Asia-Pacific, where sales increased by 7.9 per cent, 14.2 per cent and 61.9 per cent respectively. Furthermore, even though sales of commercial vehicles dropped in the Western European region, Volkswagen still sold more models than any other manufacturer, and increased its market share by 1.4 points to 33.9 per cent compared to the previous year. Dr Scholz was keen to emphasise that “one fifth of vehicles registered in the European economic area and one third of new vehicle registrations in Germany in the segment of city delivery vans, transporters and pickups came from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles in 2012.”

The Amarok was one of Volkswagens best-selling commercial vehicles last year, which gained 26.7 per cent in global deliveries to 84.100 vehicles compared to 66,400 the year before. Dr Scholz said: “In the past year, the Amarok was clearly a mainstay that drove the growth in deliveries of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.” Those working in commercial vehicle industries should take note of the popularity of Volkswagens in the commercial vehicle sector; especially as it means there will probably be continuous demand in the UK from customers looking for finance deals and cheap van insurance policies for new Volkswagen models.

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