Virgin Media installs SageQuest technology into Fleet

More and more companies are now installing new technology to their commercial vehicle fleets in order to save money and monitor the way that their vehicles are driven, and it was reported yesterday that Virgin Media has decided to install SageQuest telematics into their entire UK fleet. The company that produced SageQuest, Fleetmatics, is understandably delighted with the new contract, and has even hinted that they will gain more business in the near future, with its managing director Peter Bingham saying: “We are speaking to a lot of big clients.”

Virgin Media stated that they decided to install SageQuest into their 2,600-strong fleet as it would help reduced fuel use, enhance driver safety, improve customer service and reduce their fleet’s environmental impact. Discussing the new contract, Virgin Media’ executive director Maurice Daw said: “We have been able to replace assumptions with facts. SageQuest gives us an unbiased, real-time view of what is going on in the field with instant access to data, scaled so that any number of users can access the system without slowing or crashing.”

The SageQuest telematics system can provide various information to fleet managers in real-time, such as whether a vehicle has been idling for over a set parameter of time and therefore wasting fuel. It can also inform fleet managers as to how the vehicle has been driven, and can alert them to any hard-accelerating, cornering, braking or speeding, which could prove beneficial if the company ever needs to claim on their van insurance if there is an accident. The system also includes sat-nav and Google maps so that drivers can find their way to their destinations easily and quickly.

Mr Daw has said drivers have accepted the introduction of the new technology well, and that: “We found after we have conducted training on the system they cannot wait to get going and really like the built-in sat-nav functionality. We believe that selecting the right tools that will increase the safety of our technicians, reduce their drive times, improve our subscribers’ experience and support our environmental initiatives will have a big payoff for all of us. Although its too early for a detailed report on the benefits that the system is delivering, Virgin Media is confident it will see wide ranging improvements through the use of the system.”

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