Vauxhall launch green Corsavan

Van drivers, looking to embrace the new technologies that provide more environmentally friendly vehicles, have a new option to consider when making a new purchase.

Vauxhall motors have released its first new van to have stop/start technology this week. The new Corsavan ecoFLEX should prove to be a big success for city drivers especially, as this is where the stop/start technology will operate most successfully.

The principle behind stop/start is really commonsense. When a driver gets stuck in traffic, within seconds of the vehicle being put in neutral and the clutch depressed the engine automatically cuts out, thus saving precious fuel as well as stopping emissions escaping into the atmosphere. The rest of the vans systems such as air conditioning, steering and braking are still available. Drivers will also have a button on the dashboard to disable stop/start when appropriate. Vauxhall estimate that fuel consumption in city traffic will be about 18% down compared to the vehicles predecessor.

The Corsavan ecoFLEX has other new features to attract customers. The model is Euro 5 compliant and has a particulate filter, which catches harmful chemicals before they are released into the atmosphere. Vauxhall say that these features, plus the stop/start option mean the vehicle has reduced emissions by over 10%. They say the van should achieve an average 70mpg and have also included a new high powered battery, an enhanced starter motor and an electric power management system.

The ecoFLEX start/stop is priced at just over £11,000, so van drivers should get a reasonable commercial vehicle insurance quote when they decide to buy.

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