Van drivers twice as likely to pick up points

Startling evidence provided by van insurance providers shows that commercial drivers on average pick up twice the amount of penalty points compared to the private motorist.

The research completed by the insurance wing of leading motoring organisation the AA reveals that over 15% of commercial van drivers have picked up motoring convictions in the last five years compared to just 7.4% of car drivers. Also statistics show that they are six times more likely to be convicted for using a mobile phone when behind the wheel than their car driving counterparts.

Simon Douglas, director of the insurance company involved, said “The significantly higher number of van drivers’ offences is astonishing but is perhaps down to the pressure to get between jobs and keep customers informed. But they’re clearly getting stung for it – not just fines and the risk of losing their license, but increased insurance premiums too. Our own research shows that on average, offenders can expect their insurance premium to increase by 9.3 per cent for a single speeding offence and 18.5 per cent if they’ve been convicted of using a hand-held phone.”

Without doubt, pressure of work and the onus on delivery drivers to actually deliver on time will play its part in the worrying statistics, but drivers need to realise the added expense on their van insurance policies will not be a one year occurrence, most insurers will confirm the hike in premiums will last at least three years and possibly more for drivers with more than a single conviction. At a time when many motoring organisations are calling for even tougher sentences for drivers flouting the law those depending on their drivers licence to make a living must be more careful than ever when it comes to adhering to UK laws and regulations.

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