Van Driver angered over ‘ridiculous’ Parking Ticket

Parking in public car parks can sometimes be extremely awkward for van owners, as many are not designed for vehicles that are over a certain size. Not only can it be difficult to manoeuvre around a car park, but finding a space big enough for a van can also be a problem, and there have been many instances of people claiming on their van insurance due to the fact they have had a knock or scrape whilst trying to park.

One man from Bourne End, Buckinghamshire has also been frustrated with parking facilities in his local area recently as he was issued a parking ticket due to the fact that his vehicle took up two spaces. The owner of the vehicle, 46 year old Tim Haines, left his ‘Dial a Dog Wash’ van in the Wakeman Road car park in Bourne End, and due to the fact the spaces were so small he had to park over two parking spaces in order to fit. Mr Haines bought a ticket to display in the front of his van, however the council has said that as he took up two spaces he should have bought two tickets, even though the end of his car was only slightly over the second space.

Discussing the fine, Mr Haines said: “Even if the back was in the space the front of the van would then stick out. I’ve not had any problems before and I just couldn’t believe I got the penalty. They mentioned that I should have purchased two tickets and when I wrote to them to say that it doesn’t say that on the sign, they said I should have phoned. Do you not think that this is ridiculous?”

Mr Haines tried to appeal for the twenty five pound fine to be reversed, however Wycombe District Council refused and said: “If a vehicle is not able to park within a marked bay alternative arrangements should be sought. It is stated on the tariff board that parking beyond the bay markings is an offence for which a penalty charge can be issued. On occasion when oversized vehicles are parked, a ticket should be obtained for each bay that the vehicle occupies, either partially or completely, and then all tickets should be displayed in the vehicle.”

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