Tyre suppliers want winter tyres offered as an option

One of the UK’s largest tyre suppliers is pressurising vehicle manufacturers to radically change the presentation of new vehicles, and they have the support of BRAKE, a leading road safety charity.

ATS Euromaster is recognised as one of the leading suppliers of tyres to the UK’s commercial fleet of vehicles. They also supply tyres to most manufacturers as well as garages that service Britain’s private motorists. They are calling for a big change in the way vans and cars leave the factories in a bid to make the roads safer for everyone. They want manufacturers to give consumers the option of choosing winter or summer tyres when buying their car and believe customers would also prefer to have a choice.

ATS say every customer that selects a set of cold weather tyres when making a purchase in the winter months will cut accidents on the roads and reduce van insurance premiums for van fleet managers. Group Operations Manager at ATS, Columba Zaal, asserted that winter tyres can and do save lives, explaining “Modern rubber compound technology and advances in tread pattern design mean that today’s cold weather tyres deliver considerably shorter stopping distances. They also ensure increased longevity, compared with summer tyres during winter motoring – conditions which normally see tyre life reduced by up to 20%. Tens of thousands of cars and vans are delivered during winter on rubber intended for summer conditions. As a result, much of the investment in technology to improve vehicle handling and safety is negated at the crucial stage where a vehicle makes contact with the road. If active safety systems such as adaptive cruise control and lane departure warning can increasingly be offered as factory-fit options, why can’t cold weather tyres.”

Road safety champions BRAKE are also convinced that using the most effective tyres for the conditions will improve safety figures and they back the ATS Euromaster campaign.

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