Transport bosses wary of hiring ex-public sector workers

The transport and logistics industries are key to improving the overall UK economy, which is why during the Commercial Vehicle Show the Secretary of State for Transport Patrick McLoughlin MP met with key industry players in order to discuss its future. Therefore it is good news to hear that many transport and logistics bosses have said that within the next year they are planning on adding to their workforce, which will not only boost the industry but also benefit vehicle insurance providers, van manufacturers and the UK in general.

The Barclays Job Creation Survey 2013 questioned over seven hundred businesses to find out how much employment growth to expect within the next year, and found that over half (56%) of all businesses are planning on creating new jobs and three quarters (76%) also not planning any job losses. However, it is not all good news as even though a large amount of companies are planning on creating new jobs, over half (57%) have said that they are not planning on hiring ex-public sector workers.

In the transport and logistics sectors alone, only 34% of businesses said they were ‘quite interested’ or ‘very interested’ in hiring ex-public sector workers, while a massive 61% said that they are ‘not interested’. Many businesses claimed that they would not consider hiring ex-public sector workers as they believe that they would not be able to fulfil their job roles, with 49% of those surveyed saying that they feel ex-public sector workers are ‘not very well equipped’ to take on transport and logistics sector jobs.

Discussing the findings, head of transport and logistics, Barclays Corporate Banking, Rob Riddlestone, said: “It’s positive to see that the majority of transport and logistics providers surveyed are confident about creating new positions over the next 12 months and at all levels of the spectrum. The disconnect however between private and public sector workers continues, leaving ex-public sector workers in a challenging position, as the on-going rebalancing of the economy means many have to seek opportunities in the private sector.”

It seems that even though it is good news that the transport and logistics sectors – as well as other industries – are planning more employment in the next year, ex-public sector workers may suffer due to preconceptions of their skills. Hopefully once the economy is more stable companies will be able to spend more on proper training, and therefore become open to hiring those who used to work in the public sector.

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