Total Accident Management wins contract with Adept Vehicle Management

Fleet owners will all know the importance of having a reliable company to help them if a vehicle from one of their fleet is involved in an accident. It’s can be time consuming enough for commercial vehicle owners to claim on their commercial vehicle insurance, but due to the very nature of running a fleet of commercial vehicles, there is not always time to deal with all the paperwork and organising repairs should one of your vehicles become damaged. Companies such as Total Accident Management are therefore of great use to fleet owners, and they have just recently won a contract with the fleet service provider Adept Vehicle Management.

Adept Vehicle Management has hired Total Accident Management to deliver accident management provision to their clients Environmental Essential, who deal in asbestos managing and training consultants. They have also given them the responsibility of providing their services to another client called Shield on Site, a health and safety and environmental monitoring consultancy for the manufacturing and building industries. As Adept Vehicle Management has now hired Total, they can now offer an end-to-end vehicle management for both Environmental Essential’s fleet of sixty vehicles and Shield on Site’s fleet of fifty.

Sales director of Total Vehicle Management, Sue Branston said: “Our flexible approach to accident management means we can provide a product that is tailored, and a pricing structure that suits the individual company requirements, helping them reduce overall accident management costs, while providing first class customer care. We are delighted to be able to partner Adept Vehicle Management in order that it can supply its clients a full vehicle management solution. All contract wins are good news and this places us in a strong position for the start of 2013. We are looking forward to an exciting year as we strive to take the company to the next level.”

Adept Vehicle Management’s sales and marketing director Mark Pedley also commented on the new contract and said: “We are absolutely delighted to have Total Accident Management on board as part of AVM’s vehicle management portfolio.”

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