TNT Express invests in Natural Powered Vans

TNT Express has signed a contract with the van manufacturer Iveco in order to provide the company with one hundred and fifteen Daily vehicles that are powered with natural fuel. The vehicles run on methane gas and will be used by TNT for its express courier activities in the busy city of Rome in Italy. On the use of methane gas, Uffe Ekstedt, TNT Express Italy CEO, said that “Methane is the best short and mid-term solution for the reduction of harmful emissions and is an effective alternative with regard to the high costs of fuel and transport.”

According to reports, the natural powered Iveco Daily provides a reduction of fuel cost by around forty per cent, and also delivers the same performance, power and torque as its diesel counterpart. The vehicle also manages to cut carbon dioxide emissions by between five and eight per cent. Furthermore, compared to the diesel version of the vehicle, there is a noise reduction of five decibels, which means there is seventy five per cent less apparent noise for the drivers. Should the driver find that they have ran out of methane during a journey, the van also includes a ‘recovery mode’ which means it can switch its power source back to petrol.

Not only that, but the van boasts a new generation electronic stability programme (ESP), which provides anti-lock braking, automated system recovery, and hill holder technology. The inclusion of such new technology means that the natural powered Iveco Daily can hold over ninety kilograms more load than its diesel counterpart.

TNT are understandably thrilled to have added natural powered vehicles to their fleet, especially as it means that the company is reducing over three hundred and seventy tonnes of carbon dioxide a year, which helps the them fulfil their corporate sustainability policies. Ekstedt stated “Iveco and TNT have experienced the successful testing of the European Citylog Project, which is concerned with sustainable mobility in delivery transport practices. This commercial accord represents an additional demonstration of a common commitment to the environment and technological innovation.”

The increase in popularity of natural powered vehicles will not only benefit the environment, but also save companies money every year on fuel. However, it is important for those that invest in new versions of commercial vehicles to check that their van insurance policies covers the new technology.

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