Thieves target vans in their search for power tools

Van drivers in Dorset are the latest group of commercial drivers to come under attack from a group of thieves.

Thieves across the UK seem to have targeted vans and their goods in 2012 and the latest set of drivers having to compromise their van insurance no claims bonus are those in and around Dorchester. The latest incident saw thieves break in and steal power tools from a Peugeot Boxer van on November 8th, but that is just the most recent in a long list of van thefts in November alone. Police officers on the trail of the criminals say at least ten vans have had goods stolen from them in November and note that the thieves appear to be targeting work vans and the power tools they may contain.

A spokesman for the local constabulary said: “Residents all over Dorchester who own work vans need to take extra care to ensure that they remove all their tools from the vehicles and leave nothing in the vehicles overnight. If they own a garage then they should attempt to lock the vehicle inside. These thieves will operate all over Dorchester including the rural areas and during daylight hours. Just because the Manor Park and Castle Park areas have been targeted that does not mean that other areas of Dorchester will not be affected. If residents hear or see any suspicious activity overnight they should phone 999 without delay. I would expect the thieves to be travelling around in a vehicle so residents should stay vigilant and report any suspicious vehicles to the police.”

In fact most thefts seem to be taking place between midnight and 3am, and those without a garage should park in places where there is at least some sort of lighting. It should deter thieves and at least will give residents in the area more chance of helping the police inquiry if the worst does happen.

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