Study shows the importance of winter tyres

Even though the winter is coming to an end, those that invested in special tyres for the winter are now starting to see the benefits, not only when it comes to their commercial vehicles but also their wallets too! Furthermore, even though most people think that winter tyres are a frivolous investment that will only be used for a few months each year, a recent survey by ATS Euromaster called The Winter Weather survey showed that during 95 per cent of the past six months the temperature dropped below seven degrees Celsius.

The study, which is commissioned each year by the Met Office, also went on to show that the temperature had dropped below seven degrees Celsius during prime commuting hours 173 times, meaning that nearly all commuters in the UK would have been affected at one point or another. Discussing the results from the study, group sales director at ATS Euromaster, Peter Fairlie, said: “The UK faced one of the coldest winters in recent years and driving conditions have been treacherous for many motorists travelling on roads covered in ice and snow. In fact the UK only experienced nine days out of the whole six-month period where cold weather tyres wouldn’t have made driving safer in at least one of the 10 major cities we studied.”

“It’s now the exception, rather than the norm, to find a supermarket home delivery or “blue light” fleet not fitting cold weather tyres to the majority of its vehicles. These organisations have led the market in becoming early-adopters, closely followed by utilities fleets and other businesses and individuals which can’t afford for vehicles to be parked up during a harsh winter. A lot of customers were sceptical about changing tyres at first, but the frequency with which we are having harsh winters reinforces the safety and mobility benefits, and explains why take-up is increasing every year.”

“Detailed temperature analysis like this also illustrates why cold weather tyres are beneficial from early October through until late March, and not just when the roads are icy or covered in slush and snow.” Commercial vehicle fleet managers should make sure all their vans are fitted with proper tyres during the winter months, especially as they can make the vehicles safer to drive and maybe even reduce van insurance quotes for the entire fleet.

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