Speeding fines high in the West Country

A report published over the weekend shows van drivers in the West Country, along with ordinary motorists, are being saddled with higher motoring fines as a result of speed cameras than anywhere else in the country except for the capital.

The report by the Taxpayers Alliance group says that in 2008/9, the latest years available with data motorists in Avon and Somerset were fined a grand total of £3,491,340 after being caught exceeding the limit on speed cameras.

Jennifer Dunn an analyst for the Taxpayers Alliance said “Motorists in Avon and Somerset are forking out a huge amount in speeding fines. Fines would be legitimate if speed cameras made the roads safer, but they don’t and people are sick of being ripped off under the guise of road safety. Avon and Somerset need to scrap cameras all together.”

However, Dick Bowen of Safecam, the company responsible for placing the cameras in Avon, said “We’re removing cameras from locations where collisions have decreased. Nine cameras have been taken out in Somerset in the last few months – including the one in Tone Way, Taunton. We’re putting an increasing emphasis on driver education and the number of drivers attending our Speed Choice courses has gone up from 4,893 in 2003-4 to 42,285 in the past year.”

He went on to say that more cameras were due to be taken out of action as the council turned to a more educational approach to the problem of speeding motorists. Van drivers and motorists alike will be grateful for the shift in focus away from speed cameras as a tiny speed infringement can certainly affect a commercial vehicle insurance quote.

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