Speed Gun Shows Drivers are Breaking the Speed Limit

The green candidate for the London Mayoral elections has decided to monitor the number of vehicles breaking Islington’s speed limit of 20mph. Jenny Jones will conduct her own research using a police-style “speed gun” after police said they had neither the manpower nor the time to enforce the lower speed limit that was introduced in October 2010.

Jenny took her radar device that was hired at a cost of £250 for the morning to Drayton Park, where she recorded many vehicles that included several that were owned by Islington Council driving at double the 20mph limit. Council vehicles caught breaking the limit included a Hackney Homes skip van doing 30mph and an Islington Council lorry that went by at 40mph. Jenny feels this confirms that driver training is required and she thinks that the council should introduce speed limiters in all council vehicles or the black-box technology that some insurance firms are using to monitor driving. She believes such measures would not only make for safer roads but help to bring down the premiums on Van Insurance Quotes obtained by the Council.

Only last week it was reported that police Safer Neighbourhoods officers are down 40% in Islington and that one cyclist was forced to investigate the theft of his bike after police said they did not have the man power. Police sources admit they do not have the resources to monitor the entire 20mph scheme and Jenny believes that drivers are taking advantage of this. Ms Jones was joined by Islington Green Party campaigner, Caroline Russell, who is standing as a candidate for the London Assembly elections.

Jenny Jones said: “It was shocking to see the speed at which many vehicles were travelling along this residential road. In a 25-minute period we saw taxis, Lorries, cars and vans breaking the speed limit. Some were travelling at twice the legal limit. Clearly, this is a location where visible enforcement is urgently required. Police budgets may be tight but taking action against dangerous driving should be an urgent priority.”

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