SmartWater targets Commercial Vehicle thieves

Commercial vehicle owners and fleet managers are often wary when it comes to being targeted by thieves, especially when it comes to catalytic converter thefts as the parts can be sold on due to the fact that they contain precious metals. This is why the company SmartWater has created a High Temperature Marker that which means that any catalytic converter can be easy traced and identified as being stolen, which they hope will act as a huge deterrent to thieves nationwide.

SmartWater are known for providing global risk management services and have previously worked for companies such as BT Openreach, Network Rail and G4S, however this is the first time they are offering one of their products to commercial customers. The kit, which the company debuted as the Commercial Vehicle Show earlier this month, can be bought for a one-off fee as the marker can last on car parts for up to five years or up to one hundred thousand miles. This could save fleet managers and commercial vehicle owners a huge amount of money as if their catalytic converter is stolen it can cost thousands of pounds to replace, which will ultimately push up the cost of their commercial vehicle insurance premiums.

Discussing the High Temperature Marker, SmartWater chief executive Phil Cleary said: “SmartWater’s High Temperature Marker has been thoroughly tested and proven to withstand the extremely high operating temperatures of catalytic converters and other exhaust system components. The identification of catalytic converters has historically represented a problem for the police, as without traceability it is very difficult for them to prosecute a suspected thief. SmartWater’s High Temperature Marker provides durable, long term traceability that will assist in prosecutions thereby creating a powerful criminal deterrent.

“We have used expertise gained in adapting SmartWater for a range of industrial environments and arrived at this point, where we can say that the SmartWater High Temperature Marker could put the brakes on runaway cat theft figures!” Each High Temperature Marker Kit comes with its own unique code which is registered to an individual vehicle, meaning that if it is stolen it can easily be traced back to the owner and used as evidence to the police of theft. SmartWater already use the Marker on all of their commercial vehicles, and hopefully in the near future we will see thefts of catalytic converters for commercial customers reduced to an all-time low too!

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