‘Roadcheck 2013’ begins across America

In some of our previous articles we have discussed organised spot checks on commercial vehicles throughout the UK; however these are often random and only take place in one town at a time. Yet in America they do things differently, as every year they have the annual nationwide commercial vehicle ‘Roadcheck’ where hundreds of trucks, buses, and other heavy commercial vehicles are pulled over to make sure that they are road legal and that the drivers are safe to be on the road.

‘Roadcheck 2013’ started just yesterday with over 2,500 check points being set up across the nation, and police have been working with inspectors to ensure the safety of a number of commercial vehicles. Speaking from one check-point in Baltimore, Maryland State Police Captain Norman Dofflemeyer said: “We’ll check the drivers, make sure they’re qualified, that they’re medically qualified, that their licenses are good, that they’re not wanted on any warrants. Then we’ll go to the vehicle and do a comprehensive nuts and bolts, front to back.”

“Most of the trucks we inspect are very good trucks. The industry’s been doing a good job. We’re just trying to get to the ones who don’t want to do a good job.” Meanwhile, Major Mark Savage from the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance said that the checks were carried out “to not only ensure that vehicles and drivers are complying with the law but that they operate safely on our roads.” The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance have organised the Roadcheck events for the past 26 years, and last year alone they inspected eight thousand vehicles and found that twenty one per cent were not road worthy.

One trucker that was pulled over, Mr Justin Greene, said that he supported the scheme and added: “It’s holding me up a little bit but it’s something the state police do around the country as well. It’s not just here but it’s to help us stay safe.” As commercial vehicles are so large and usually travel thousands of miles per year it is imperative that they remain well maintained, not only to protect the drivers but also ensure that commercial vehicle insurance policies doesn’t become void.

Furthermore, many of the vehicles that were pulled over during Roadcheck 2013 were not allowed back on the road until they had been fixed which would have cost their businesses a large amount of time and money!

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