Removal Van Stolen with Family’s Possessions Inside

A family of four from Huntingdonshire have lost all their possessions after their removal van was stolen. The family – who have asked not to be named for fear that they will be targeted again – said that they were devastated and are appealing for the thieves to return toys and other items that belong to their children.

The theft happened last week, where the thirty five foot Scania lorry – which itself is worth between fifteen and twenty thousand pounds – was stolen from Cromwell’s Removal Yard in Needingworth on December 12th. Inside the lorry were the family’s antiques, Georgian furniture, and electrical equipment, all of which adds up to just over forty thousand pounds in value.

The mother of the family has said “When the removal people said the lorry had gone, I said: “What do you mean it’s gone? My life is on that lorry.” I feel devastated. People get stuff stolen all the time but it hurts that someone thinks it’s okay to steal your life. I don’t care about the televisions and furniture because that’s just stuff. However, I think it’s wrong that children are affected by this kind of greed and crime. All their toys and bikes are gone. My son had been collecting Lego since he was three and catalogues all his instruction manuals. He has been so upset by what has happened. When these crimes affect children, that is when it becomes even more despicable.”

Not only has the family got to replace all their possessions, but they also need to make sure that there were no documents inside the lorry that could give the thieves any idea of their new address, or enable them to commit identity fraud. Steve Cruttenden, who runs Cromwell Removals has offered a five thousand pound reward to anyone who has any information that will lead to the successful prosecution of those responsible.

For those that are planning on moving house soon, make sure any vehicle that you hire is protected by van insurance, so that if there are any thefts you can be compensated quickly.

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