Police crackdown on commercial vehicles in Sussex

Commercial vehicle owners who use their vehicles for their jobs know that it is extremely important to keep them well maintained and to make sure that they adheres to the road safety laws. Police and local councils are usually extremely strict when it comes to commercial vehicles, especially larger ones as if they are not well maintained then they can be extremely dangerous on the road and can even cause accidents. This is why police in Peacehaven, Sussex recently stopped a number of commercial vehicles in order to make sure they were all fit for the road.

Operation Stinger was created by the Sussex Police, HM Revenue and Customs and VOSA (the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency) to find out not only how many commercial vehicles on Peacehaven’s roads were safe to drive but also to make sure that each had paid the correct road tax and had proper commercial vehicle insurance. The team used mobile Automatic Number Plate Recognition in order to quickly find out which drivers they needed to target and what regulations they had broken.

Out of eighteen commercial vehicles pulled over, two heavy vehicles were found not to have insurance, meaning that VOSA immediately gave them prohibitions. Another light commercial vehicle was also found to not have insurance, while two had no MOTs and three were given immediate prohibitions for unroadworthy vehicles, meaning they had to have their vehicles fixed by the side of the road before being allowed to continue with their journey.

Discussing the operation, Sergeant Richard Trundle from Sussex Police’s road policing unit said: “We stopped 18 light goods vehicles and eight of them were found have some form of problem. Potentially, they could have gone on to have been involved in some sort of incident and the consequences could have been very serious. This is unacceptable and along with our colleagues in other agencies we will be running similar operations throughout the year, specifically targeting uninsured and dangerous vehicles.”

Keeping your commercial vehicle well maintained and road legal is something that every owner has to do on a regular basis, and driving without insurance, car tax or a valid MOT could lead to you receiving a fine, having your vehicle possessed or even ending up in court. So make sure you check that your commercial vehicle is roadworthy before you drive otherwise you could get a nasty surprise!

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