Parking rule changes for Commercial Vehicle owners

Commercial vehicle owners that use their vehicles when doing their jobs often find that parking fees can heavily reduce their earnings and overall income. Parking in city centres is generally extremely expensive, which is why in most cities commercial vehicles don’t have to pay if they are doing work in the immediate area. However, it has now been announced that commercial drivers will now have to pay normal parking fees in the downtown area of Portsmouth even if they are doing work.

The city’s parking operations supervisor, Tom Cocchiaro, said: “In fairness to those commercial enterprises that currently pay to park in the downtown, and the need to make every space count generating revenue to support parking improvements, the city is ending that practice March 31.” Mr Cocchiaro went on to say that any vehicle parked during the normal charging hours will have to use pay and display machines, or use single space meters.

He also advised that: “for vehicles expecting to exceed the hourly limit for their space, service personnel will need to purchase commercial meter bags per the city ordinance for commercial parking. These meter bags are available at the city parking clerk’s office at the Portsmouth City Hall located at 1 Junkins Ave.”

From April 1st, all commercial vehicle drivers will have to pay in order to park downtown, including those that work for utilities companies such as PSNH and Unitil. There have been concerns however that this could end up costing companies vast amount of sums each year, and that the new scheme could also affect the amount each company has to pay for vehicle insurance. Furthermore, if a van is found to be parking in a space without paying for a ticket they could be issued a fixed penalty notice, meaning that companies would have to set out rules concerning the payment of the fines.

If you are a commercial vehicle driver and are unsure as to whether you have to pay for parking whilst on a job then make sure you call the local authority in the area you will be and explain your situation. They will be able to advise whether you can park for free, are entitled to a discount, or just have to pay full price.

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