The MINI Clubvan

Over 50 years later since the very first Mini Van was released which had a pay load capacity of just 250kg and a very plain and simple interior there is a new one on the market.
Today’s MINI Van comes will all the latest technologies which is perfect for up market businesses. Whereas before you were lucky if there was a heater in your van let alone electric windows or air conditioning. With this in mind why not opt for the other small vans on the […]

What is the Public’s Opinion on Tradesmen?

A report was commissioned during July by TrustMark in which they hoped they would be able to find out the public’s opinion on British tradesmen. There were mixed results, positive and negative which outlined that overall homeowners are confident in tradesmen however rogue traders are tarnishing the industry. The results showed that because of the minority this is having an effect on the public’s opinion turning a positive into a negative.

FTA calls for more leniency with delivery drivers

Those that work in the delivery industries will know that it can often be difficult to find somewhere suitable to park, especially if you own a particularly large vehicle and are delivering goods in an urban area. If this happens some commercial vehicle drivers try to park on private property for a short period of time while they deliver their packages, however many have found that they have come back to fixed penalty notices from traffic wardens.

New technology created for trucks transporting vehicles

A large percentage of haulage trucks are generally used to transport heavy goods such as furniture when someone chooses to move house, however due to their size they can also be adapted to transport other goods. For instance, many people who are moving long-distances have chosen to have one of their cars transported in trucks that are equipped with specifically designed ramps. However, traditional ramps have not always been the safest leading to some vehicles arriving at the destinations damaged, which means that […]

Pick-up trucks proving popular with customers

So far, 2013 has been a difficult year for the commercial vehicle market, especially as it seems that every time the market improves a short while later it slumps once again. This is true of May this year, as sales of light commercial vehicles dropped by a 4.7 per cent compared to April where the number of vehicles sold actually increased by 43 per cent compared to the same time last year.

Volkswagen increasing used commercial vehicle offerings

Due to the economic climate, fewer people now have the money to invest in a new commercial vehicle as often as they would like, which means that they are now looking for good-quality second hand vehicles instead. However, at the same time most people are holding onto their commercial vehicles for longer periods of time, leading to a demand for second hand vehicles that is difficult for most dealerships to meet.

Glasgow Council Extends Fleet

Glasgow City Council has added to their already extensive fleet of 200 Fiat Professional light commercial vehicles and now has 31 new Doblo Work Up factory-fitted drop side conversions. They have been added to be used by a few different maintenance departments such as roads and winter, cleansing and parks and homecare.
This is great news for the public as well as the council as there will now be more vehicles in the Glasgow region to deal with maintenance issues which will mean that the roads […]

New technologies change the face of news trucks

If you watch any old film where a news crew turns up you will probably see them arrive in a giant truck filled with equipment and the technology to broadcast live from the scene. However, this soon may be a thing as the past as new broadcasting technology is now smaller and more intricate which means that news crews are now opting to invest in smaller vans and pick-ups instead of trucks and heavier commercial vehicles.

‘Roadcheck 2013’ begins across America

In some of our previous articles we have discussed organised spot checks on commercial vehicles throughout the UK; however these are often random and only take place in one town at a time. Yet in America they do things differently, as every year they have the annual nationwide commercial vehicle ‘Roadcheck’ where hundreds of trucks, buses, and other heavy commercial vehicles are pulled over to make sure that they are road legal and that the drivers are safe to be on the road.

Logistics job opportunities promoted to Lancashire Students

Since the government decided to increase the cost of university fees an increasing about of young people are looking for apprenticeships and vocational courses in order to secure them a job in the future. Many industries have been taking advantage of this fact, especially those such as logistics where many young people don’t understand how to get into the sector. This is why Matthew Kibble Transport of Lancashire has recently hosted a series of events at the local Nelson and Colne College so […]