Van Drivers Targeted in ‘Cash for Crash’ Schemes

One of the reasons insurance for commercial vehicles is so expensive is because there are those that abuse the system, ultimately pushing up premiums. For example, some people falsely claim that they are suffering from whiplash in order to receive compensation, which had led to insurance providers increasing their premiums in order to cover their losses. There are also individuals who purposely get into accidents with other drivers in order to claim monetary compensation, otherwise known as ‘cash for crash’ schemes.

2014 Commercial Vehicle Show Increases UK Business

This year’s Commercial Vehicle Show was held between the 29th April and the 1st of May, however even though it’s been a few weeks since it ended we are still seeing new stories discussing companies that have benefitted from it. The Commercial Vehicle Show (also known as the ‘CV Show’) is one of the biggest events in anyone who works in the commercial vehicle industry’s calendar, as each year hundreds of exhibitors – including some of the biggest names in the industry – display […]

New HGV Levy Launched in the UK

At the beginning of this month new legislation came into place which means that from now on all foreign Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) must pay to use the UK’s roads. The government has implemented what is called the ‘HGV Road User Levy’ in order to maintain the UK’s roads which are regularly subjected to wear and tear by foreign HGVs. Many other countries already charge foreign HGVs for driving on their roads, which means the new levy is levelling the playing field for […]

Commercial Vehicle News Round-Up

Here at VanQuoteDirect we regularly update our readers with all the hottest news and rumours from the commercial vehicle sector, and it seems as though the last couple of weeks have been very busy for some! Naturally, there has been some good news as well as some bad, as while a number of newer van models have been recalled, older vehicles are apparently retaining their value. Here we look at the stories in more detail:

Commercial Vehicle Companies adapting for 2014

VanQuoteDirect always strives to provide our readers with all the latest news on the state of the commercial vehicle sector, and just last month we reported how the UK commercial vehicle market has been improving. Now, commercial vehicle businesses worldwide are adapting their strategies in order to streamline and secure success over the upcoming year.

Could all Commercial Vehicles soon be fitted with Telematics?

The use of telematics in vehicles has been increasing over the past few years mainly due to the fact that many owners are struggling with the cost of insurance. Young and unexperienced drivers in particular will often find that premiums for car or commercial vehicle insurance are extremely high, however with the use of telematics they can become manageable.

New Technology Improves Journeys for Commercial Vehicles

At VanQuoteDirect we often warn commercial vehicle owners to be wary when it comes to using traditional sat-navs to guide them to their destinations, as certain roads are inaccessible or dangerous for large or heavy vehicles. This is why many commercial vehicle fleet managers choose to invest in sat-navs that are specifically made for commercial vehicles, however these can often cost hundreds of pounds each.

Police warn Owners over Increased Van Crime

Around this time each year van owners are reminded by police to protect their vehicles, especially if they are carrying expensive goods. In the build up to Christmas there are often reports of parcel vans being targeted by thieves looking to steal the packages inside, however it’s not just those in the delivery sector that need to be wary of thieves. In fact, there have been a number of van thefts in Derbyshire over the recent weeks, where many have been targeted for […]

Volkswagen Benefiting from Record Breaking Sales

Even though the commercial vehicle market has been going through a slump over the past few years, manufacturing giant Volkswagen are still reporting success and a high number of sales for some of their most popular models. According to recent reports, the company sold a record breaking amount of commercial vehicles during the month of September 2013 with 5,276 new vehicles registered. This means that sales were up ten per cent compared to September 2012, and the company achieved its highest ever sales […]

American Council Ban Commericial Vehicles from Residential Areas

On the 9th of September the City Council of Chesterfield in America passed some rather controversial ban on the larger commercial vehicles that operate in the area. They are now no longer allowed to operate in residential neighbourhoods.
The mayor, Bob Nation has commented on the situation saying, “I myself am conflicted by this issue. I think that we should try to do something for those who are concerned about this issue, but I’m also concerned about the other folks who have vehicles they use in […]