No Jams for Vans this Easter?

The run up to the Easter bank holiday has traditionally provided commercial vehicle owners with problems due to congested roads, however, traffic experts are predicting an easier time this year as several issues combine to promise free flowing motorways.

Despite a poll of 20,000 AA members indicating over 3 in 10 would be travelling over 50 miles on the Easter weekend; road experts believe traffic congestion will be at its lowest level for some years which should allow hauliers and delivery drivers to get their deliveries done in time to enjoy a holiday break of their own. The AA survey actually revealed that over 90% of drivers will stop in the UK this year but it seems the two week school holiday break means that those holidaying in the UK will stagger their departures over the coming week rather than all head off on the day before the bank holiday starts.

Van drivers can expect delays on the M5 in the South West as holiday makers head for Devon and Cornwall but the rest of the country is predicted to be congestion free with road works suspended to ease the traffic flow. The AA have reminded everyone though that accident rates increase over Easter and commercial drivers should ensure their van insurance is up to date. A spokesman for the AA said: “We believe forward planning by the Highways Agency, the threat of fuel shortages and the prolonged school break will lead to fewer problems this year with many families leaving home on different days. Good Friday is the day that could potentially be the worse but we don’t anticipate any serious delays.”

Van drivers can’t expect a total pain free Easter though because experts are predicting the recent panic buying of fuel coupled with the Bank holiday break will see fuel go up by as much as 10p a litre.

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