Nissan surveys Van Owners

Nissan has surveyed fleet operators of commercial vehicles in order to understand the challenges they face when it comes to purchasing and running their fleets. The 2013 Nissan Van Report surveyed 252 people responsible for operating vans, and found that protecting vans from future regulation, rising fuel prices, and managing the vehicle purchase and running costs were the main concerns for most operators.

Discussing the survey, Nissan’s corporate sales director, Jon Pollock said: “Our research gives an insight into what fleet managers are thinking and the challenges they face running a modern van fleet. It also gives the industry a better idea of what fleets are looking for when buying and running light commercials.” Saving money was most van operators’ key interest, with seventy five per cent of those surveyed saying they are trying to reduce the amount of fuel they use due to the fact that petrol has now increased to around 139.8 per litre.

Half of all the respondents (51%) also said that they were even considering sending their drivers on training courses to help them learn how to drive more efficiently, whilst around a third have said that they have installed technology such as speed limiters and telematics into their cars. Fleet operators are also looking to save money when it comes to adding vans to their fleet, with many saying that they always consider whole life costs, front-end pieces, contract hire monthly rates and strong residuals.

At the moment, commercial vehicles that are under 3.5 Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) do not have many operating restrictions, meaning that they are cheaper to run. Therefore, it’s not surprising to see that 67% of those surveyed said they were not in favour of further legislative measures being introduced, whilst only 27% per cent said that they believed there should be an increased focus on Duty of Care by companies.

If you are trying to save money on your commercial vehicles, then all of the above measures including driving more efficiently and training your staff could help. You should also make sure that when you are looking for insurance for vans you make sure you are getting the best deal, and also keep your van well maintained so that it runs as efficiently as possible.

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