New technology created for trucks transporting vehicles

A large percentage of haulage trucks are generally used to transport heavy goods such as furniture when someone chooses to move house, however due to their size they can also be adapted to transport other goods. For instance, many people who are moving long-distances have chosen to have one of their cars transported in trucks that are equipped with specifically designed ramps. However, traditional ramps have not always been the safest leading to some vehicles arriving at the destinations damaged, which means that the drivers would have to claim on their commercial vehicle insurance to cover the costs.

In order to combat this problem, Ernest Dandridge Junior from Ernest Dandridge Carrier Design Services in McLean, Virginia and has created a hydraulically powered ramp that slides into trucks and can be used to pivot vehicles in a range of positions. Discussing his design, Mr Dandrige said: “The upper decks of modules can hydraulically go down to the van floor, or raise flat or pivot on any angle to help with stacking of vehicles. A single module can be placed in the rear of a van and it can both contain vehicles as well as help with lifting a vehicle up into the upper area of a van so a trucker can drive the vehicle forward onto a non-mechanical, fixed position parking area.”

“Or multiple modules can be placed in a trailer to provide more vertical adjustment for the upper level vehicles to both be lifted up and park on. The yellow car was turned on an extreme angle to show the pivoting capability of the upper deck. Normally, an upper car would not be on this sharp angle during transit and a lower vehicle would be under it. Modules can help to haul trailer loads of vehicles or be used to help haul mixed loads of vehicles and dry cargo.”

Mr Dandridge has also announced that he will be a creating a version of his design for low floor moving vans, and added: “The big difference is in higher floor trailers there is not as much vertical interior space but these trailers are far more plentiful for someone wanting to enter the enclosed car hauling market, particularly with used Kentucky trailers. The layout involves ‘low-profile’ stacking of vehicles. Modules are positioned differently and upper vehicles are placed further ahead and lower vehicles are placed further rearward.”

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