New pilot scheme promises reduced travelling times for van drivers

The Department for Transport (DfT) have announced a pilot scheme for road improvements which should see four major road projects completed in double quick time.

The schemes will be welcomed by the majority of motorists but those who typically cover their vehicles with commercial vehicle insurance will be particularly pleased. The four highways involved are the A160/180 in Lincolnshire, the M3 in Surrey, The M1 between Sheffield and Nottingham, and the M6 in the West Midlands. All of the roads attract high volumes of business traffic and the new road layouts should cut travelling times down once the improvements are made.

Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin spoke about the reduced construction time saying: “I am determined to cut the time it takes to upgrade our roads in half by dismantling procedures that have slowed us down. Together these schemes will increase capacity for millions of road users by 72 miles. My ambition is that in future all major road schemes will be accelerated, tackling congestion more quickly and boosting the economy.”

The DfT are confident the project will see every kilometre of motorway built in a fortnight as opposed to the present four weeks and say the A160/180 project will be slower but still come in much quicker than engineers manage under the present system. The new system will see construction of certain elements completed off site and the introduction of contract staff involved at an earlier stage. The work will continue 24 hours a day until the jobs are finished and the DfT hope the project will create a blue print for road improvement schemes in the future.

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