New ‘E-service’ to help with the Maintenance of Commercial Vehicles

Keeping up with maintaining and repairing commercial vehicles can be extremely time consuming, however if you fall behind with your repairs you could find that your commercial vehicle insurance becomes void, meaning that if you have an accident you will have to pay for the costs yourself. In Northern Ireland there recently have been changes to the operational licence legislation, meaning that commercial drivers are now required to provide accurate and timely maintenance records for their vehicles especially if they are pulled over for a VOSA roadside check.

Therefore, it comes as good news to hear that Volvo has introduced an electronic system application for their dealers called ‘E-service’ that can provide vehicle owners copies of service sheets by email immediately after the work is completed by mechanics in the workshops. The trial for the new system has started in Northern Ireland with the company Dennison Commercials, who have four Dealerpoints in Northern Ireland, plus a bus and coach PDI unit at the Wrightbus manufacturing facility at Ballymena and a Commercial Vehicle Bodyshop. Dennison Commercials is the first multi-site Volvo dealer to carry out all their servicing using E-service, and if all goes well there will be more upcoming trails of the system throughout the UK.

Volvo Trucks Managing Director Ulf Magnusson said of the new system: “This is a first for the industry and represents a fundamental change in the way and speed with which Volvo customers receive this vital service information. E-service is one more part in the growing portfolio of information technology-based applications with which we are supporting our valued customers and helping them maintain compliance with their ‘O’ Licence conditions. Dennison Commercials and a number of other Volvo dealers have successfully trailed it and we are now planning on rolling out E-service to the rest of the network during 2013.”

The E-service also allows dealers to flag additional defects whilst servicing vehicles, meaning that Customer Service Representatives on the front desk can quickly contact the vehicle owner and advise them of any extra work that needs to be carried out. Discussing the E-service, Lynn McBurney of McBurney Transport in Ballymea said: “I find the downloading of the service sheets an excellent way of keeping records up-to-date. The format is easy to use and the service sheets are available on screen immediately after the work is completed, thus enabling any outstanding issues to be addressed as soon as possible.”

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