MP looks for radical change on UK motorways

The nations van drivers, especially those travelling long distances, could well be getting price quotes for individual journeys as well as their commercial vehicle insurance if the Government takes up the suggestion of one of its MP’s.

Tim Yeo, speaking in his role as Chairmen of the Commons energy and climate select committee, is advocating the Government sell off huge chunks of the country’s motorway network.

He believes the sell off would raise funds for a cut in fuel duty and, privatisation would in itself see large amounts of investment in the upkeep of the nation’s main highway arteries. Mr. Yeo pointed out the popularity of the M6 toll and forecast that privatisation and the toll charges that would lead from it could be targeted in many ways to be fairer on motorists. For instance, van drivers travelling at night would incur a lesser charge than those travelling at peak times. Vans with lower carbon emission levels could get a discounted rate, and van drivers not using the motorway at all would benefit from much smaller, if any, road taxation.

Explaining further he said “So far most politicians have been reluctant to embrace the huge potential which a truly radical road pricing system offers. Allied to the overdue privatisation of Britain’s motorways this could fund both more investment in better roads and the immediate development of high speed rail. Since it could also pay for a cut in fuel duty the upshot would be a cut in the cost of driving for drivers who make little use of motorways, a group which includes many rural residents for whom car ownership is a necessity, regardless of wealth.”

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