Mobile Phone Storage Trucks becoming popular in New York

In order to keep the commercial vehicle sector successful there needs to be a certain amount of innovation, which is why so many commercial vehicle manufacturers are working closely with engineers and designers in order to create new vehicles that are cheap to run, reliable, and only need cheap commercial van insurance. However, in order to protect commercial vehicle industries it’s not just vehicle manufacturers that need to think of new ways to improve the commercial vehicle market, but also those that own the vehicles.

For example, in New York there has been an increase in pop-up trucks that offer their services to school children who are not allowed to bring their mobiles into their schools. Some schools in New York are extremely strict when it comes to bringing mobile phones into the buildings, which is why these truck owners now offer to look after their phones during the school hours and then give them back to them at the end of the day for around one dollar.

Explaining how it works, Aaron Neil who attends Norman Thomas High School said: “All right, basically, when we come in the morning, we come to this truck and they hold our phones until we get out of school. And when we get out of school, we just come with a ticket that has our number, and we come and give the ticket in and then they give us our phone back.” So far there are eleven trucks of this kind in the New York area, and according to another student Randy Campbell: “They have these trucks all around, all around New York, so they’ve got more than a thousand students going to this truck and they make mad money.”

The fact that these trucks are making so much money off of students has however come under scrutiny from members of the community, however some companies are actually giving back to the community such as Edison Bardowell who owns two trucks and runs the Legacy Youth Corp. He said: “We feel it’s best to take a good percentage ¬– 60 percent, 70 percent of the funds — and reinvest it into the school. The school needs help. The school needs extra funding for the programs, or the activities, or the training for the teachers.” So far Bardowell has donated $29,000 for local schools and is hoping that other companies will also start doing so too.

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