Michelin Tyres provide record Mileage for HGVs

Companies are always trying to save money when it comes to their commercial vehicle fleets, which is why they spend so much time looking for the best fleet managers, commercial vehicle insurance providers and parts for their vehicles. Tyres are often expensive for commercial vehicles, especially large HGVs, and they also need to be replaced on a regular basis due to the amount of long-haul driving is required.

So commercial vehicle owners will be interested to hear that Michelin has produced tyres for HGVs that can provide a record amount of mileage for HGVs. Olivers Transport in Eccles recently fitted a Scania 6×2 twin-steer tractor unit with Michelin’s latest 315/80 R 22.5 X MultiWay 3D XZE tyres, which have already clocked up an impressive 220,000 kilometres and still have 7 millimetres of tread left. Fleet engineer at Olivers Transport, Kevin Hawker is now planning on fitting the rest of the fleet with the tyres and believes this will save the company a notable amount of money.

He said: “The mileage we’ve seen from the X MultiWay 3D tyres is incredible and we still have a significant amount of tread remaining. We recently ran several sets of steer tyres from another premium tyre brand which came fitted as original equipment and they only averaged 170,000km before needing to be replaced. If we hit our 270,000km projections we will have achieved nearly 60 per cent more mileage. For a busy fleet like ours, on the road seven days a week, any extra tyre life is a huge bonus.”

“Michelin has always been our tyre of choice and even though we have tested other brands over the years it is Michelin that we keep coming back to. We keep detailed tyre records and have seen the performance of some mainstream rival brands drop away in recent years, whereas the Michelin tyres are going the other way and we are getting better results than we’ve ever seen before, especially from the X MultiWay 3D. The previous XZE2+ tyres were sometimes prone to increased shoulder wear. However the new X MultiWay 3D is much more resilient and its revised contact patch with the road has improved wear considerably.”

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