Mercedes-Benz introduces 5 new safety systems for vans

When buying insurance for vans, you will often find that providers will look at what types of safety aspects are included in your vehicle, as these could lower the amount of your premiums. Whilst driving a commercial vehicle, safety is of the utmost importance, and it is always better to prevent an accident than deal with the consequences afterwards. This is why Mercedes-Benz has recently revealed five new safety assistance systems for all of their vans, three of which are the first of their kind.

At the Mercedes-Benz Vans Tech-Forum held at Boxberg in Germany yesterday, the company revealed their three new safety systems that have never before been seen in vans: Crosswind Assist, Collision Prevention Assist and Blind Spot Assist. All three of these systems were designed to help van drivers stay safe whilst on the road, with the Head of Mercedes-Benz Vans, Volker Mornhinweg saying: “When it comes to safety, we have always enjoyed a pioneering role with our vehicles and now are launching a new era in assistance and safety systems for vans. These systems will support the driver and help to avoid accidents, thereby also ensuring the maximum availability of our vans.”

The Crosswind Assist system was designed to help Mercedes-Benz vans stay on course when there are strong winds, whilst the Collision Prevention Assist alerts the driver if he becomes too close to other drivers whilst driving or when they join the end of a queue of traffic. Finally, the Blind Spot Assist warns drivers when they are changing lane if they are too close to other vehicles, or if there is something in their blind spot that they could crash in to. The other two safety features that Mercedes-Benz are planning on introducing into all their vans is Lane Keeping Assist and Highbeam Assist, which is already installed in some cars.

All of the new safety features will be installed into Mercedes-Benz vans in just a few months, and were developed by the company’s Group Research division. Discussing working on the new systems, Head of Development at Mercedes-Benz Vans, Sascha Paasche said: “We are fortunate in being able to benefit from a very special network and a transfer of knowledge within the Daimler Group. This is just one more reason why we are at the top when it comes to safety engineering.”

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