Mercedes-Benz freezing prices for Commercial Vehicle service contracts

Those that own a private commercial vehicle or a manage a fleet of commercial vehicles will know the importance of keeping their vans serviced, as well as spending time on arranging MOT’s and commercial vehicle insurance. All of this can add up to be extremely time consuming and costly, so it’s good news for those that manage Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles as the company is planning on freezing the prices of their servicing contracts.

Discussing the decision, service contract manager at Mercedes-Benz UK, James Ostridge said: “Our vehicles run to their ideal performance when they are maintained by our trained, specialist technicians and fitted with Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts – designed in accordance with the vehicle specification.” The plan is to freeze the price of the service costs for all Mercedes-Benz trucks, vans and Fuso-Canter vehicles so they remain the same as they were in 2012 for the whole of this year.

Mr Ostridge said: “We are passionate about making our offering affordable for as many customers as possible, and have therefore redesigned our offering to make the packages better value and make the most of the quality and engineering that go into our vehicles.” This means that Mercedes-Benz customers will be able to have their commercial vehicles serviced to a high standard, so that they should last longer, and if any parts need replacing owners can be safe in the knowledge that they will be genuine Mercedes-Benz parts.

The decision to freeze the price of service contracts could be a way of Mercedes-Benz ensuring that the sales of their commercial vehicles are as good this year as there were in 2012, as last year sales went up by 12% from 2,036 units to 2,276. President and chief executive officer Roland S. Foliger admitted that this may be difficult, and said: “Growing the commercial side will be a bit more challenging. It’s because winning tenders (for commercial jobs) can be fickle. I’d love to see a similar growth as 2012. The sales achieved for our commercial segment was beyond our expectations.”

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