Mercedes-Benz focuses on commercial vehicle after-sales programme

Recently, whenever we have heard about a commercial vehicle manufacturer producing a new van or truck one of the first things that they mention is that the vehicle is good value for money and reliable. Reliability is one of the key factors for commercial vehicle customers when it comes to investing in a new vehicle, which means that more and more companies are now starting to bolster their after-sales offerings in order to retain loyalty to their brand and gain a reputation for great customer service.

It is not surprising then to hear that Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicles has recently announced that they have hired the company Palmer Hargreaves to redevelop their current after-sales loyalty programme named TradePartner. Discussing the decision, managing director at Palmer Hargreaves, Nikki Waters said: “We have worked with Mercedes-Benz for over 7 years, and are pleased to be working with them in this area. Automotive trade clubs are a specialism for us, and working on the TradePartner programme has allowed us to demonstrate our extensive experience in data marketing.

“We have developed a plan that will deliver relevant, timely communications to trade customers. The programme has been created with measurability and adaptability in mind, so we look forward to it delivering strong results.” Meanwhile, Nick Williams, commercial vehicles customer services marketing manager, added: “Trade is an important area of focus for us and we have learnt a lot since the programme’s launch in 2004. The changes that we are implementing are the biggest the programme has seen and we are very excited about the impact that the re-structured programme and new proposition will bring about.”

It has been reported that Mercedes-Benz is planning on launching the programme in phases throughout 2013; however the company has not gone into detail yet on exactly how they are planning on improving their after-sales services. This focus on after sales shows how the commercial vehicle sector is becoming more and more focussed on providing customers value for money, which is why leading companies are investing more of their money in creating savings for their customers. Cheap van insurance, free MOTs, and extensive finance packages are therefore becoming more common among commercial vehicle providers, which not only benefits customers but the overall market as well.

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