Lorry gets stuck on small Country Road in Somerset

A few weeks ago we reported how one man had created his own road signs to prevent lorries and other large commercial vehicles from travelling down unsuitable roads in his town. Large commercial vehicle drivers should be aware that if they are travelling to an area they do not have previous knowledge of they shouldn’t just rely on their sat-navs – especially if they are traditional versions that are meant for cars and therefore can guide lorry drivers down improper routes.

This is what happened to one lorry driver who was reportedly travelling to a paper mill in Watchet and became stuck between a churchyard wall and a residential property after trying to drive down a small country road. The lorry, which belongs to Polish commercial vehicle Skat, became lodged between the wall and the house last Thursday evening, and it took until almost midnight for the forty four tonne vehicle to be removed due to the fact that the lorry’s rear tyres burst and was left resting on its rims due to the accident.

Discussing the event, an eyewitness said: “A big tow truck came, lifted it off the house and winched it away from the wall. They remove and repaired the damaged wheels, and then the driver drove it off himself.” Unfortunately, the driver will have to make a claim to his commercial vehicle insurance provider as the house was damaged as a result. The owner of the house, Mr Kevin Steer said that the lorry had “embedded” itself in the side of his house, and ripped off guttering slates, bargeboard and electric cable.

Mr Steer has been angered by the accident, especially as he has said that it is common for large commercial vehicles to drive through his town of Brompton Regis in Somerset, and this is not the first time it has caused problems. He said: “This is a regular occurrence that large lorries come through the village, and normally they just take the guttering off.”
Drivers of large commercial vehicles have been advised to plan their routes using maps that provide information on what type of roads are suitable for them to drive on, or invest in sat-nav systems that are specifically made for guiding large commercial vehicles.

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