Logistics job opportunities promoted to Lancashire Students

Since the government decided to increase the cost of university fees an increasing about of young people are looking for apprenticeships and vocational courses in order to secure them a job in the future. Many industries have been taking advantage of this fact, especially those such as logistics where many young people don’t understand how to get into the sector. This is why Matthew Kibble Transport of Lancashire has recently hosted a series of events at the local Nelson and Colne College so that students can get more information about joining the logistics industry.

Discussing the campaign, head of business at Nelson and Colne College, Justin Thatcher said: “The worlds of logistics and education are very different and employers are trying to forge links with a local schools or colleges to ensure that the right approach is taken. This means calling within school hours and asking to speak to the heads of department rather than the admin team. As a result, the college has had a positive response to the young people seminars and will be looking to work with the Matthew Kibble Transport again on similar initiatives.”

Meanwhile, founder of Matthew Kibble Transport of Lancashire, Matthew Kibble, said: “These were a series vocational sessions, which included getting behind the wheel of our vehicles as well as marketing exercises and student challenges such as working out profit margins in a practical assignment. Helping young people to understand the breadth of careers that are available in this sector is part of the challenge because this is not traditionally the kind of work that people leave school to go into.”

“Logistics is very important and without it the UK would simply grind to a halt, as an industry, we cannot sit back and wait for people to find us. We face an uncertain future with an aging workforce who are retiring and taking their experience and knowledge with them. We have to find new blood and explain the variety of roles that are available within the supply chain.” As Mr Kibble mentioned, logistics are an extremely important part of the UK economy, not only it helps with the supply of goods but also keep businesses running such as commercial vehicle insurance providers, mechanics, retailers and more.

There have been a number of discussions on how to boost the logistics sector in the UK over recent months, which is why it is good to see that some companies are already taking initiative and reaching out to students and those looking for work.

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