Logistics Company invests in Efficient Tyres

As we have discussed in some of our previous posts, logistics and transport companies are extremely important to the UK economy, and so during these difficult economic times many are looking for ways to save money without having to cut back on staff. One way is to invest in vehicles that provide good fuel efficiency, however other companies are also looking at making sure other aspects of their commercial vehicles are as efficient as possible, especially the tyres.

We have all heard how having deflated tyres can lead to your vehicle having to use more petrol, yet most people don’t seem to think about this on a day to day basis. However, commercial vehicle fleet managers know that having the right type of tyres can save a company thousands of pounds each year in fuel costs, which is why so many are now looking to bring in measures that ensure all of their vehicles’ tyres are up to a certain standard. For instance, North West Logistics has recently teamed up with ATS Euromaster in order to implement a new policy which states that all the vehicles in their fleet must be equipped with Michelin tyres.

Discussing the new policy, managing director of North West Logistics, Stephen Dunn, said: “Tyres are a significant running cost, plus they can have a big impact on fuel efficiency. When we brought the two operations together it made sense to agree a single tyre policy. In doing so we’ve combined our purchasing strength and been able to standardise on Michelins, fitted and serviced by ATS Euromaster.”

“Most tyre dealers just want to sell you more rubber, but from the start ATS Euromaster adopted an honest approach and are committed to helping us extract the maximum performance from the tyres we already have in service. As they need replacing we’re fitting new Michelins, which ATS will manage through the Michelin ‘Four Lives’ process to ensure maximum performance and value.”

Ensuring that you have the best tyres for your commercial vehicle is a great way to save some money, as well as looking for cheap insurance for vans and driving efficiently. Good quality tyres can also last longer which will save you money in the long run, and can also have more grip meaning that you will be safer on the road even during bad weather. So next time you replace your tyres make sure you do your research and pick one that will help you save money and be safer on the road!

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