Kwik-Fit expands Commercial Vehicle Fleet

Commercial vehicle fleet operators are always looking for ways to ensure that their fleets can be maintained both quickly and cheaply, which is why they invest in cheap van insurance quotes and maintenance providers that provide excellent service and are good value for money. Companies are therefore starting to introduce new services in order to gain a larger share of the market, such as Kwik-Fit who now provide mobile services for their corporate customers and are also planning on investing even more into the scheme.

Kwik-Fit Mobile was created so that fleet managers could choose when and where they want the tyres repaired or replaced instead of having to visit a Kwik-Fit centre, and due to its popularity the company are now increasing the number of vans in their fleet. According to reports, Kwik-Fit are planning on not only introducing 53 extra vans to the fleet, but also replacing fifty old models with Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 316 CDIs which provide better fuel economy.

Kwik-Fit’s parent company, the Itochu Corporation, have also decided to hire an extra ten technicians for Kwik-Fit mobile and are even looking at expanding so they can offer their services to individual motorists in the future. Simon Lucas, Kwik-Fit Mobile operations director said: “Itochu Corporation has invested significantly in Kwik-Fit since it bought the business almost two years ago. The decision to continue to replace ageing vans is the latest initiative that reveals Kwik-Fit as a vibrant forward-thinking and progressive organisation.”

“As retail demand increases we will expand the size of the Kwik-Fit Mobile fleet. The expansion will benefit our corporate customers as it will mean a Mobile unit and technician is even closer to a customer than they are now so offering further improvements is response times and service levels. A lot of our retail customers, just like our corporate customers, do not have the time to visit centres to have tyre repair and replacement work undertaken.”

“So we have made Kwik-Fit Mobile available to those people and demand is rapidly increasing. Convenience and an increase in the number of employees working from home is driving mobile demand. Once motorists have experienced our hassle-free Mobile service they typically look to use it again and again. Vehicle downtime is significantly reduced and with many people leading a time-precious existence Kwik-Fit Mobile suits their work and lifestyle balance.”

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