January Snowfall increased business for Van Hire Company

On Monday we published an article discussing how Jolly Good Van Hire had an eventful festive period after their Christmas themed vans became so popular on social media sites that they decided to donate £1 to a local charity for every tweet they received. Now they are back in the news showing that their popularity has carried over into the New Year, as yesterday it was announced that Jolly Good Van Hire doubled their profits in January because of the heavy snowfall.

Owner of the company, Mark Hughes, said that this January was the most successful beginning of the year the company has ever had, and that branches of the company in Wrexham, Shrewsbury, Deeside and Ely were all inundated with business. Discussing the increase in business, Mr Hughes said: “Whenever we get a bit of bad weather people find that their cars will not start and that they have to hire a vehicle at the last minute to avoid missing meetings – people cannot afford to have their vehicles off their road in the current economic climate.”

“During the recent snow we were inundated with calls from people wanting 4x4s so they could get to work – nobody wants any unnecessary time off at a time when so many jobs are at risk. Our workload more than doubled, which is fantastic. We also found that people wanted to hire small cars because they did not want to take their own expensive bigger cars out into the snow-covered, icy roads. There was a whole range of reasons why people needed to hire a vehicle.”

“Others were involved in crashes and when they contacted their insurance company they discovered their cover did not include a courtesy car so they needed a replacement vehicle immediately. Then there were those who needed a hire vehicle while the insurance company determined who was to blame for the accident. The demand for vehicles during some of the worst weather we had in recent times was unprecedented in the history of the company, and with this week’s weather changing so quickly we saw it happen all over again.”

Driving vans or other commercial vehicles in icy conditions can sometimes be dangerous, especially if you haven’t had any previous experience. It is therefore important to make sure that your hired vehicle comes with van insurance before you go on the road; otherwise you must arrange cover yourself.

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