Investing in your business

Commercial drivers and self employed business people who rely on their vehicle to earn a living are being encouraged to invest in their driving skills and improve their profit margins.

With UK motorists still experiencing some of the highest fuel prices in the world and cheap van insurance becoming increasingly difficult to find, any advantage a self employed van driver can find in cutting costs will benefit his business greatly. Driving experts believe commercial drivers should invest in an advanced driving course which will give them great value for their money.

With approximately 35 million vehicles on the roads of the UK today no-one can suggest a job which includes spending a lot of the time on the roads can be easy and no one can deny acquiring extra driving skills won’t make their time on the road a little easier. Cirencester & District Group of Advanced Motorists are just one of hundreds of similar groups in the country affiliated to road safety charity the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) and they believe the mantra of position, speed, gear and acceleration will make any ordinary motorist a better driver.

Better known as the Roadcraft system the four point principle was first introduced by police forces to aid police pursuit drivers to chase down their quarry in the safest way possible, but advanced drivers have realised the principles will help any driver deal more efficiently with any situation he may encounter on the road. Chairman of the Cirencester group, Gordon Burley, explained “Primarily the Roadcraft system is for safety purposes but using it will save money because you’ll be driving smoothly and efficiently which will improve your fuel consumption quite significantly. So there is a two-fold bonus, fuel being one, but motor insurance can also be less. Whenever you shop around tell them you are an advanced driver and the chances are it will help with the premiums.”

Drivers interested in signing up for a course can find details of their local group from the IAM website.

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