Ice cream van for dogs

Think of vans associated with dogs and the mind immediately goes to the council dog catcher or perhaps a mobile pet grooming business, well the world is about to see a new van designed for dogs starting this weekend.

It is well documented that the UK is a nation of animal lovers and owners of dogs in the capital have the chance to indulge their canine chums that little bit more than usual. This Saturday, July 24th at the Boomerang Pets Party in Regents Park, London, visitors will see the launch of the UK’s one and only ice cream van for dogs! Yes dogs. The name of the ice cream van, well naturally it has to be K99.

The van will be visiting dog and owner events all over the country this summer in a bid to cool both canine and human brows as the nation basks in the hottest temperatures for some time. Whether the vendor has to have special commercial vehicle insurance to serve dogs is another matter altogether.

Of course the canine gourmets will be offered a very special sort of ice cream. The van owners have researched the topic thoroughly and hit upon what they believe is the perfect flavour. What is the flavour? A scrumptious concoction of gammon and chicken ice cream served in a traditional cone and topped with that favourite treat, a biscuit bone. Enough to set the saliva glands of any family pet running at full pelt.

How exactly the dogs will handle paying for the treat and eating it will be a test no doubt and it’s to hope serviettes will be available.

Whatever next!

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