Help is still needed to make the switch to electric

Electric vehicle charging point provider Elektromotive are asking the Coalition Government to keep their £5,000 incentive in place in order to help support the sales of electric vehicles (EVs).

Nissan’s LEAF has helped with the profile of the new cars but the anticipated take up of commercial vehicle insurance on EVs has not materialised. Persuading companies to invest both their time and money in new technology has always been a challenge and it is important to provide them with an incentive to make the change. Elektromotive are urging the Chancellor not to end the scheme when he makes his upcoming Budget speech.

Elektromotive MD, Calvey Taylor-Haw, said “If the Government and the automotive industry are to convince people that electric vehicles are viable alternatives to petrol and diesel-powered vehicles, the Plug-In Grant will play an essential role throughout 2012. With enough money left in the pot from this year and valuable tax revenue accrued from each EV sale, the Government could easily continue to offer the remaining fund to those joining the electric revolution in 2012.”

Most companies are aware of the lower running costs and the environmental benefits which are associated with an EV, but stopping any help may well undermine the growth of EVs throughout the next year. Better access to more charging posts is also the key to greater EV sales if the results from recent research are to be believed. The study claims that as well as the cost, the fear of being stranded with a juiced-out EV is at the heart of companies decisions. The study suggests that just 2% of fleets of 100 vehicles or less have any kind electric vehicle and fewer than one in fifty fleets surveyed had any EVs. It is hoped that the Coalition incentives will encourage small-medium fleets to look at electric vehicles in the next few years.

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