“Games Lanes” not a winner with London residents

A recent survey by the Daily Telegraph has highlighted that the citizens of London are none too pleased about the plans designed by the Transport for London (TfL) committee to segregate Olympic VIPs from the general motoring public while the Olympic Games take place.

9 in 10 of those questioned said they thought the plans were excessive and many tradesmen, with vehicles covered by commercial vehicle insurance, were concerned about their businesses being affected by the new road layouts.

The trouble emanates from the Transport for London plan to create special “Games Lanes” to be used by what the TfL describe as the “Olympic family”. In all 56 miles of London’s roads will be put aside for the officials and VIPs to use when the games are on. Motorists and cyclists will face fines of up to £200 if they stray into the lanes when they are in use.

Van drivers are up in arms about the decision. Deliveries are bound to be affected as the cargo of VIPs ensconced in hotels in the middle of London are ferried out to the east end where the games will take place. There has already been talk of protests and it does seem that businesses likely to be affected do have a valid point.

Employers have been asked to allow employees to work from home where possible to alleviate the congestion on the roads. Government departments are leading the way on this with 4 out of 10 civil servants working in the capital to be offered this opportunity but this is obviously not an option for a delivery driver.

There is a public consultation document available for citizens to comment but it is unlikely that the plans will now be altered.

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