Fleet Service Provider offers Rental Health Checks on Commercial Vehicles

Cambridgeshire based fleet services provider Alliance Asset Management is offering private and public sector organisations a rental health check in order to make sure they are obtaining maximum business value. The health check will be free of charge for the first ten customers that take up the offer, as long as their spending is between ten thousand and twenty five thousand pounds a year.

As many companies are struggling with the current economic conditions, it may be wiser for some to choose to rent vehicles instead of investing in them outright, or signing leases that can run for several years and may be costly to exit. Furthermore, if businesses choose to rent vehicles they will not be stuck with assets that constantly depreciate in value, and can choose whether to have the vehicle for a couple of days or months at a time. However, according to Vincent St Claire of Alliance Asset Management, many companies are still not treating rental as an integral part of their fleet policy. Furthermore, many companies are failing to benchmark their ancillary charges, take into consideration invoicing errors, or think about the un-budgeted logistical charges linked to their current supplier’s location network.

St. Claire stated that “We have relationships with many of the UK’s major rental suppliers and will use our expertise and marketplace intelligence to conduct a comprehensive rental audit on behalf of our customers.” The alliance will help companies by reviewing their current rental charges, analysing in-house policies and processes for the hiring of vehicles, check in-life management rental techniques, and analyse the best ways to minimise ancillary and end of rental charges. St. Claire goes on to note “We believe that rental vehicle is an excellent transportation solution for many businesses, but we are also conscious that unforeseen charges can quickly mount if not closely managed and maintained. By helping organisations overcome such issues we believe that vehicle hire can be an even more important and flexible transport solution for public and private sector fleets.”

Whilst companies can save money by keeping an eye on the rent costs of their vehicles, investing in van insurance for the fleet is also important. Fleet owners could even save money by talking to a variation of companies to see if they offer discounts on van insurance for fleets over a certain size.

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