Fleet managers prioritising driver safety

Research shows that many companies in the United Kingdom are taking driver safety very seriously. They take full responsibility for the safety of the driver and also have actions in place to mitigate the risks to drivers. The research investigated the safety attitudes of companies with commercial fleets across the UK, with more than 4,000 interviews conducted with fleet managers.

Results showed that 46% of smaller businesses with less than 100 employees and 63% of larger companies with 100 or more employees believe that they share responsibility for safe driving rather than putting all of the emphasis on the driver. This represents better figures than seen in other European countries. The research also shows that fleet managers have practices already in place to support this ideology, as over half (54%) of companies currently prohibit the use of hands-free mobile phones despite this not being a legal requirement. Also more than a third (35%) has a policy in place to restrict unsafe travel. Around two in every ten companies have even introduced driver incentives and rewards to promote and reward safer behaviour on the road. The companies involved believe that this will lead to fewer accidents, cheap van insurance, less unplanned maintenance and a fall in vehicle downtime, all of which will boost the fortunes of the company.

Tracey Scarr, a fleet & road safety manager, said “Getting driver safety wrong can have disastrous consequences; employee injury or death, damage to corporate reputation and harsh financial penalties are all possible implications. That’s why we believe that modern fleet operators take this area so seriously. We also know from our own experience that a good fleet safety policy can reduce costs. Whilst these results are pleasing the fleet sector cannot afford to be complacent and it remains crucially important that we all maintain a clear focus on reducing road risk.”

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