Film based vans to be used by cable company

Virgin Media has raised the curtain on a their new fleet of movie themed “super-vans” which will be seen throughout the United Kingdom in the next few weeks. Van drivers from the company will set about installing Virgin Media’s range of next generation digital services that include 120Mb broadband and TiVo.

The new commercial vans have been inspired by some of the best loved vehicles from the big screen and they include International Rescue’s famous aircraft piloted by Virgil Tracy, Thunderbird 2, and the ghost fighting Cadillac which was made famous in the 80s film Ghostbusters, Ecto 1. All the new vans have been added to the company commercial vehicle insurance policy and have been specially designed and commissioned by Virgin Media for its drivers who came out on top in the company research to find the top performing engineers. The film based fleet also features the Jeep from Jurassic Park, the car used by Batman, Speedy Lightning McQueen from Cars and Optimus Prime from Transformers.

Maurice Daw, executive director of access at Virgin Media, said “We are really excited about the latest additions to our super-fleet; we know how proud our engineers are when they’re driving around in these bespoke vans. Although they won’t be fighting ghosts or worrying about avoiding any T-Rex’s we are confident they will make our customers smile which is something we want to do as without customers we would not be here.”

The vans will now travel to the four corners of the country, delivering Virgin Media’s digital services to homes as well as to businesses via Virgin Media Business. The latest additions to the fleet join last year’s vans which included General Lee from the Dukes of Hazzard and Disney favourite, Herbie. Earlier this year customers also spotted that Virgin Media drivers had been naming their installation vans. Sightings included Marlon Vando, Julie Vandrews and Van Solo.

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