Fife Council makes the switch to electric fleet vehicles

Fife Council has committed themselves to replacing all of their fleet vans with electric versions in a bid to save some money as well as protecting the environment. The change will be done gradually when each van comes up for renewal and each new vehicle will be added to the council’s commercial vehicle insurance policy.

The E-Fife branded vans will be driven in the same way as an automatic and can travel for 80-110 miles after being fully charged. Based on an average mileage of 200 miles each week, the electric version will produce 47% less carbon than the diesel equivalent that is currently being used by the council. The running costs are also significantly cheaper and the council will save £600 each year on fuel costs per vehicle. Electric vehicles are also exempt from road tax, so over a five year period electric vehicles should be £4000 to £8000 cheaper to run than their diesel equivalents. The switch to what is still relatively new technology has been made possible thanks to grants from the Scottish Government, who hope that by the year 2050 almost every car and van on the roads of Scotland will be electric.

Councillor Pat Callaghan, executive member for transport & environment, said “Fife Council really is blazing a trail with these electric vehicles. There aren’t many of them around at the moment but that’s certain to change in the next few years. We’re investing in the future and are already starting to see the benefits, such as lower fuel bills and carbon emissions, which means a better environment for us all.”

Fife Council are also in the advanced stages of installing a network of charging points that will be available to any driver who wants to use them. They will be located within a ten mile radius of each other which means that drivers of the council’s electric vans will be able to travel throughout Fife safe in the knowledge that a charging point is always within reach.

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