FedEx to test Nissan’s electric van

Nissan has recently announced that FedEx will be testing their e-NV200 electric vans in Singapore before they are officially launched next year. Nissan are already known for being one of the market leaders when it comes to electric vehicles, especially after they launched the much praised Nissan Leaf. Now it seems the company is planning on entering the electric commercial vehicle market by introducing the e-NV200 which is based on the NV200 commercial van also manufactured by the company.

So far, the e-NV200 has been tested in London and Yokohama in Japan, but Nissan chose Singapore for this test due to the country’s commitment to improving the environment and creating more policies to improve sustainability. FedEx will be using the vans as delivery vehicles for one month in order to discern whether they are suitable or if any changes to the model would be more beneficial. Discussing the latest test, managing director Global Vehicles, FedEx express Russell Musgrove said: “As a global fleet operator, FedEx Express is always looking for measures to improve the efficiency of its vehicles.”

“Through the development and deployment of innovative technologies, FedEx Express has continually improved the energy efficiency and reduced the environmental impact of its fleet. We are delighted to collaborate with a global player like Nissan in the development of an urban all-electric delivery van.” The e-NV200 has the same amount of space as its predecessor the NV200 which has already proved popular in the commercial vehicle market, and also includes an advanced telematics system and a power supply outlet in the cargo compartment.

The e-NV200 should also help FedEx save money when it comes to their commercial vehicle fleets as the cost of maintenance and electricity for each vehicle is much less than that of petrol or diesel alone. So far it has not been made clear how much the vehicle insurance would be for each van; however the savings made in fuel and maintenance costs could help towards the monthly payments. This could be one reason why NY City decided to use both NV200 and e-NV200s in their Taxi of Tomorrow programme, which will make it one of the first cities in the world to have electric taxis in regular service.

Nissan definitely seems to be a company to watch in both the electric car and commercial vehicle markets, and we are looking forward to when the e-NV200 is officially on the market next year!

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