FTA calls for more leniency with delivery drivers

Those that work in the delivery industries will know that it can often be difficult to find somewhere suitable to park, especially if you own a particularly large vehicle and are delivering goods in an urban area. If this happens some commercial vehicle drivers try to park on private property for a short period of time while they deliver their packages, however many have found that they have come back to fixed penalty notices from traffic wardens.

This is why the Freight Transport Association (FCA) has recently appealed to the House of Commons Transport Select Committee to be more lenient when it comes to commercial vehicles parking on private land, especially in the London area. Discussing the situation, Mr Hookham from the FCA said: “The very high levels of fines that continue to be incurred by operators attempting to deliver to premises, particularly in central London, show a failure by local authorities to adequately plan and provide for kerbside deliveries.”

“No operator sets out to deliberately contravene the restrictions on parking, but the lack of adequate provision means that delivery vehicles have little choice but to stop on restricted routes to gain access to adjacent premises, and become ‘easy pickings’ for enforcement officers. The law needs to be clarified to distinguish between ‘parking’ and ‘delivery and servicing activity’. The legislation that underpins parking enforcement assumes that congestion management takes precedence over access to the kerbside.”

“Whilst reducing congestion is important, there needs to be a balance, and good provision for deliveries is essential in order to support local businesses. It is high time that this was properly reviewed. The issuing of a PCN [Penalty Charge Notices] is a sign of policy failure rather than enforcement success. However, due to the potentially large income local authorities can make from fines, the incentive is not there to reduce the numbers issued. Greater leadership by central government is needed to ensure a consistent and fair application of the parking policy framework which respects the difference between illegal parking and vital business deliveries.”

Changes to the rules when it comes to delivery vans could help businesses not only save money in fines but also reduce the risk of their drivers receiving points on their licences and therefore increasing van insurance costs. So far the House of Commons Transport Select Committee has not made a decision on the matter, but we will keep our readers up to date with any changes in the future.

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