Europcar advises fleet managers to hire vans

It has been reported today that the Freight Transport Association (FTA) has recently found that nearly half of all vans that are on the road which are over three years old are actually unroadworthy, meaning that not only are the unsafe but can actually cost more to run than newer vehicles. This is why Europcar has now urged commercial vehicle fleet managers to hire their vans instead of purchasing vehicles as it can be a safe and cost-effective alternative to running a fleet of older vans.

Discussing the idea, managing director of Europcar UK Group, Ken McCall, said: “These figures from the FTA go to illustrate something that has been known within the industry for a long time – businesses are holding onto vans for longer, without having them properly maintained. This is a false economy for businesses at a time when costs are all important – as eventually the vans will either breakdown or fail their MOT.

“Rental provides the answer. Vans that are on average under nine months old and maintained to the highest standard are available at short notice, providing a flexible fleet of vehicles for usage which can actually save businesses money. While it may seem counter-intuitive to some businesses to hire all or part of their van fleet rather than own, the market is changing, and owning and maintaining a costly fleet of vans is no longer the default option.”

“Europcar has recognised this change in the behaviour of businesses and evolved its van fleet accordingly, taking innovative steps to ensure our vans not only offer a supplementary service to fleets, but are actually a viable alternative.” Commercial vehicle fleet managers may benefit from hiring vans instead of purchasing them as it would mean they would be able to spend less time organising maintenance and more time focussing on their business.

Furthermore, most van hire companies come with van insurance included, meaning that fleet managers won’t have to look around to get the best deal, and if one of their vehicles is involved in an accident the hire company will be in charge of fixing and replacing the vehicle. While most people think van hire is generally more expensive than owning a fleet of vehicles, it seems as though van hire companies are finding new ways to make it cost-effective for fleet managers which could change the face of the fleet industry in the future.

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