Drivers cutting corners in a bid to save cash

According to a report released today, drivers across the UK are putting their safety and other motorists’ safety at risk as they look to save money on their every day motoring. The same survey revealed many motorists are now getting motor insurance quotes for third party insurance instead of comprehensive cover as they look for other ways to keep their cars on the road.

The survey conducted by a car rental company revealed just how desperate some motorists are to keep their motoring costs down. Over 2,300 drivers were questioned and the results were alarming to say the least. Over 30% said they had postponed a car service because they could not afford it, and 20% even said they were driving on bald and worn tyres even though they knew they were dangerous.

Some drivers even admitted they should have new brake pads fitted but were reluctant to have them done because of the cost. Managing Director of Car Rentals, Gareth Williams, said “It is understandable that drivers want to make whatever cost cutting measures they can but we do not advise cutting back on essential road safety checks and car maintenance.

“Britain’s roads and motorways can become very dangerous in the winter weather so we think people should think about other areas where they can make cuts – clothing, holidays and so on – areas which don’t put themselves or other motorists’ lives at risk.”

The survey also revealed 1 in 10 drivers had changed their van insurance cover company to save money, and 30% said they had changed to smaller less expensive cars and vans. Over half said they no longer took their vehicle for servicing at authorised garages but found cheaper, independent garages to do the work.

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